🎄 Bucket Activity release
In the new version (
) of DAS Budget I've released new features to view activity within your budgets!
The first major update is Funding Schedule Execution Summaries. Execution summaries will allow you to view explicitly which buckets are in-progress, funded, or failed for your history. You can view summaries from the
Funding Schedules
page, or on the edit page of any Funding Schedule.
The other major update is
Bucket Activity
. Paired with execution summaries, you can now view every movement going in and out of a bucket. This includes manual transfers, round-ups, transaction spending, credit card movements, etc. This will help users answer the most asked question:
"What happened to my Free-to-Spend?"
. Free-to-Spend is calculated by your total Checking account balances minus expense balances minus goals balances.
As allows, feel free to reach out to me in-app for any DAS questions!
Merry Christmas!
Anthony (while-loop)
In-App Support
Hey all!
In the first update since the official release, we have a few bug fixes and new customer support features.
The app now includes Intercom's live chat service so you can reach me directly 🥳. The chat includes quick actions to request features and report bugs. You can view existing tickets and vote on features you want in DAS.
I'll be adding help articles to the Intercom knowledge base throughout the next few weeks so users can understand how to use DAS' awesome features.
Bug fixes in this build include adding Current and Target amounts for paused Buckets in the Bucket funding schedule summary view.
The was also a small fix to stop crashes when switching between bucket-type tabs.
Be on the lookout for the next update which will include granular Bucket movement activity and Funding Schedule execution summaries :)
  • Anthony
Force Refreshes released!
Another update has come around for DAS Budget 🥳
of DAS brings a force refreshes for your connections. You are now able to purchase refreshes with your
Currently, Plaid connections cost 1 refresh, and MX costs 0 (but can only be used once every 3 hours). Monzo refreshes cost 0 credits w/ unlimited refreshes.
Note that if DAS returns success, it'll consume a refresh credit. If it errors out (or Plaid/MX sends an error) it won't use your refresh.
You can manage your refreshes by heading to
My Profile
Manage Refreshes
or by going to one of your institution's pages and tapping the refresh menu icon.
Why would I pay for refreshes?
DAS automatically gets 1 to 6 updates for your connections per day. Some institutions get more than others, but that is out of DAS' control. With force refreshes, DAS can reach out to our data aggregators to pull data live from your institutions. Only aggregators that charge DAS on each pull only will cost refresh credits.
How many refreshes do I get a month?
If you're on DAS Premium you get 10 refreshes on a 30 day rolling period. Refreshes reset 30 days after you use them.
Do I still get discounts on purchases?
If you're on DAS Premium you get 10% bonus refreshes with your purchases!
DAS Budget release 🥳
It has been a long time coming, but DAS
has officially been released to the App Store and Google Play!
How to upgrade?
users will need to uninstall their TestFlight app and install the official version in the App Store.
, no changes are needed. You can decide to stay on the beta track for early releases or leave the beta to be on the stable release cycle.
Upgrading will keep your current data and you will be able to log in with your existing credentials.
Check out our previous ChangeLog for more FAQs on the release and pricing.
You can continue to use DAS for free until
Dec 1st
! Once December starts I'll start enforcing subscriptions for DAS Budget (free trials count!).
  • Add the ability to purchase a DAS Budget subscription - ticket
  • Update Plaid to support Wells Fargo OAuth connections - ticket
  • Improve detection for cases when account balances do not match imported transactions - ticket
-Anthony (while-loop)
Screenshot from 2021-11-14 13-15-07
Screenshot from 2021-11-14 13-15-32
DAS Budget release coming soon™️
Hey everyone 👋️
Screenshot from 2021-10-31 20-51-45
After several months of app updates, I’m happy to announce DAS Budget is officially being released 🥳🎉
I’m releasing DAS with Premium and Standard tiers. Standard starts at
(or $3.33/mo at $39.99 billed yearly) and Premium starts at
(or $5.83/mo at $69.99 billed yearly). Each plan allows you to link
up to 10 financial institutions
each so you pay for exactly what you need.
I'll be enforcing subscriptions at
midnight Dec 1st
Pacific Time ⏲. Users will need a DAS Budget subscription to continue with uninterrupted service. All subscriptions come with a
1-month free trial
so you can make sure you’re content with your decision to keep using DAS!
🔔 I'll be sending periodic updates and push notifications about the release date and where to download the official app version.
Below will include info on what comes in a DAS subscription and FAQs.
⭐ Standard Features
⬇ Automatic transaction imports
Pull data from your linked institutions 1 to 6 times a day
🔔 Push Notifications
Get push notifications for transactions and budget updates
🌟 Premium Features
💳 Credit Card Integration
Integrate credit card spending in your budget and cover monthly card payments
🪙 Round-Ups
Save your transaction change to dedicated goals
⬇️ Automatic transaction imports
Pull data from your linked institutions 1 to 6 times a day
🔔 Push Notifications
Get push notifications for transactions and budget updates
Coming soon:
  • 🔄 On-demand transaction syncs
    : Sync transactions instantly up to 10 times per 30 days
  • 💸 Extra force syncs
    : Get 10% more credits on force sync purchases
High Priority Features
The features listed below are top priorities for DAS Budget. Users have given
and I want to address issues where they are unable to
see where money is moving
within buckets. I will also be adding features to
bridge the gap between syncs
with your financial institutions!
  • Be able to see when DAS (or you) move money in or out of a bucket to know exactly where your money is going
  • Be able to view the summary for a Funding Schedule execution
  • See how much money DAS moves to each bucket of a Funding Schedule
  • Be able to input a transaction in
    and let DAS match it to a transaction once Plaid/MX eventually syncs your bank accounts
  • This will be useful in the situations where your financial institution is having outages or you just want to get an up-to-date number on your Free-to-Spend or Bucket amount
  • It's perfect to add paycheck information on payday without needing to wait for a sync from your bank. Alternatively, it's handy in situations where you want to know if you can afford that 3rd large turkey leg at Disney from the 🍟Fun Food bucket
  • Add a force refresh button for Plaid-backed connections to immediately reach out to your institution
  • This will allow users to get up-to-date information in the times where it matters most!
  • Premium subscribers will get a 10 credit per 30d allowance
  • All subscribers will be able to purchase syncs from DAS as each force sync costs DAS money to execute
What's a linked financial institution?
financial institution is any bank, credit union, or financial company where you've logged into to pull transaction and balance info. DAS will count each login info as
linked institution towards your credits. You're able to link all accounts associated with that login (checking, savings, joint accounts, credit card) as
usage against your institution limit.
Will we be getting a push notification when it’s time to redownload on IOS and purchase a subscription?
When do I need a subscription?
You'll need a subscription by
Dec 1
. Free trials count as a subscription, so you're able to subscribe to DAS on Nov 30 and use your free trial for the month of December.
What happens if I don't subscribe by Dec 1?
DAS will disconnect all your accounts from Plaid or MX. Your accounts, buckets, funding schedules, and transactions
will be left untouched
, but you
won't receive any new updates
from your institution. You'll have to subscribe and re-connect your account to continue to get transaction updates.
Does my old Simple or BBVA connection count towards the limit?
No! DAS only charges based on institutions actively linked to Plaid or MX. As Simple and BBVA are both shutdown, DAS excludes both banks from your institution limit.
Does my Monzo account count towards the limit?
No! DAS doesn't pay a fee to connect to directly connect to Monzo so there is no need to charge you for it!
Where can I download the official release?
Android users are able to continue with their current installation from the Google Play store.
iOS users will soon be able to download the official release from the App Store (👈 watch this space) once the app is reviewed and accepted. We'll be moving away from TestFlight once released.
👫 How do subscriptions work for shared Budgets?
A budget will inherit the subscription of the budget owner. You can distinguish between owners by checking who has a gold star next to their name.
All linked accounts attached to that budget will gain features for the tier that the owner has subscribed to.
Screenshot from 2021-10-31 20-52-10
👪 Family Plans?
DAS has yet to integrate with Apple’s Family Plan and has not included pricing for it yet either. While I’m exploring this feature, sharing a subscription is still possible for couples!
Only one member needs a DAS subscription to link accounts in DAS. Once all individual/joint accounts are linked, you can simply invite your significant other to your budget and they’ll be able to use the app for that budget!
But, if the SO wants a separate budget completely hidden from you, they'd have to get their own DAS subscription. The goal is to officially support family subscriptions.
  • Standard + 1 Linked Institution $3.99/mo or $39.99 ($3.33/mo) billed yearly
  • Standard + 2 Linked Institutions $4.49/mo or $44.99 ($3.75/mo) billed yearly
  • Standard + 3 Linked Institutions $4.99/mo or $49.99 ($4.17/mo) billed yearly
  • Standard + 4 Linked Institutions $5.49/mo or $54.99 ($4.58/mo) billed yearly
  • Standard + 5 Linked Institutions $5.99/mo or $59.99 ($5.00/mo) billed yearly
  • Standard + 6 Linked Institutions $6.49/mo or $64.99 ($5.42/mo) billed yearly
  • Standard + 7 Linked Institutions $6.99/mo or $69.99 ($5.83/mo) billed yearly
  • Standard + 8 Linked Institutions $7.49/mo or $74.99 ($6.25/mo) billed yearly
  • Standard + 9 Linked Institutions $7.99/mo or $79.99 ($6.67/mo) billed yearly
  • Standard + 10 Linked Institutions $8.49/mo or $84.99 ($7.08/mo) billed yearly
  • Premium + 1 Linked Institution $6.99/mo or $69.99 ($5.83/mo) billed yearly
  • Premium + 2 Linked Institutions $7.49/mo or $74.99 ($6.25/mo) billed yearly
  • Premium + 3 Linked Institutions $7.99/mo or $79.99 ($6.67/mo) billed yearly
  • Premium + 4 Linked Institutions $8.49/mo or $84.99 ($7.08/mo) billed yearly
  • Premium + 5 Linked Institutions $8.99/mo or $89.99 ($7.50/mo) billed yearly
  • Premium + 6 Linked Institutions $9.49/mo or $94.99 ($7.92/mo) billed yearly
  • Premium + 7 Linked Institutions $9.99/mo or $99.99 ($8.33/mo) billed yearly
  • Premium + 8 Linked Institutions $10.49/mo or $104.99 ($8.75/mo) billed yearly
  • Premium + 9 Linked Institutions $10.99/mo or $109.99 ($9.17/mo) billed yearly
  • Premium + 10 Linked Institutions $11.49/mo or $114.99 ($9.58/mo) billed yearly
As always, feel free to drop me an email at and I’ll answer any and all questions you have!
-Anthony (while-loop)
Welcome 👋️
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Here is where we'll provide info on DAS Budget updates and engage with community feedback!